Rekey Service

San Diego Rekey Service

Are you tired of carrying around multiple keys for your home or business? Have you misplaced your keys, and you’re worried that your keys will fall into the wrong hands? Not sure if your ex will use that set of keys you gave them to sneak back into your condo? Whether you’re a landlord who needs to change the locks between tenancies, a homeowner who wants the convenience of using a single key to open all the doors on your property, or a business owner who needs to rekey their locks to enhance security, we’re here to help. San Diego Locksmith provides fast, affordable and reliable San Diego rekey services to residential and commercial clients. Our lock change service can be used to change one of more locks to work using the same key.

Your Local San Diego Rekey Experts

Here at San Diego Locksmith, our team of friendly, licensed locksmiths have the skills and experience needed to quickly change your locks, saving you the hassle and high cost of buying and installing brand new locksets and deadbolts. As a fully-equipped mobile locksmith, we’ll come to your home or business anywhere in San Diego to rekey your locks. This means you won’t have to fuss with removing your locks, or leave your property unsecured while your locks are being changed.

Know When To Rekey Your Locks

We recommend having your locks rekeyed when you move into a new home or office – otherwise, you have no way of knowing who might have a set of keys to your new place. We also suggest changing the locks immediately following a break-in, since it’s not uncommon for thieves to target the same property repeatedly. If you have given a set of keys to an ex, such as an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or your former in-laws, you might want to use our mobile San Diego rekey service to prevent unwanted, and unauthorized, entry into your home or business. Rekeying the locks is the only way to guarantee that your old keys, and copies of those keys, can’t be used.